third-party-assessmentsIf you’re not selling recurring assessments, you should be.

If You Aren’t Careful, Your Advanced Security Stack Is Going Be Replaced.

We are continuing to see MSPs lose clients and prospects to cheap commoditized solutions?

Can you complete with $47 per month all in?

I know. This cheap competition isn’t doing everything you are doing.

I know. They don’t have the same security tools you are providing.

I know. Their staff isn’t as technical as yours.

I know. BUT will your clients know these differences? And will your clients care?

The fact of the matter is your clients won’t care unless they understand WHY.

Why should they invest in an advanced security stack? Why should their teams be consistently thinking about security? Why should they reevaluate their risks on a quarterly basis.

Your job right now is more than just delivering managed services.

And it is far beyond just setting them up with a security stack.

Your job is leading. This is something that no one is offering. This is an area that even on-staff employees at Fortune 500 companies are struggling with. And this is something that you have the wherewithal to deliver and execute far better than someone that hasn’t run an MSP.

And a big part of leading is having a conversation regularly with your client or prospect on what is up with their network. A report that is generated by a third-party just like how a doctor evaluates lab results.

You are the doctor. You observe the problems. You suggest solutions to those problems. And you help walk through how those solutions can get done.

Why can’t you just do one analysis and be done with it?

Security is constantly changing. You know this. You see the issues all the time. And insurance providers are starting to see this need as well. This should be an easy talk track for you to get them to realize the value of having a recurring security assessment of their environment.

Join me on January 6th at 12 PM ET to walk through the simple steps to delivering third-party assessments that your clients and prospects actually want.

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