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Galactic Advisors’ third-party analysis helps your organization secure your data, eliminate vulnerabilities, track fixes and avoid common mistakes.

Money? Reputation? Family?

What’s your reason for wanting to secure your business? Find out more about protecting what you love.

Third-Party Assessments

Identify the blind spots giving hackers easy access to your data.

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Security Consulting

Stop spending money on security products that might not be working.

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Penetration Testing

Find out if your security can withstand a cyber attack.

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Keep all your tools compliant and up-to-date without spending an arm and a leg.

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Cyber Hygiene

Ensure you’re not leaving sensitive data where attackers can easily find it.

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Why Galactic?

Easy-to-understand reporting
That doesn’t require a computer engineering degree to interpret.

Robust frameworks
Solve common MSP security issues and unnecessary security risks so you can focus on servicing your clients.

Vendor-agnostic reporting
Addresses security issues with the team you have and the resources you already own and use.

Active third-party audits
Ensure the security of your network and validate your security controls.

166% more detailed reporting
We dive deeper than typical pen tests and risk assessments to uncover the actual problems that are leading to cyberattacks.

They Showed Me A Path Towards Securing My Network!

Bruce McCully and his team showed me a path towards securing my network. He provided actionable easy-to-bite off tasks that made cybersecurity manageable. His knowledgeable team helped me understand the key components to making sure my credit union is secure. Bruce has given me tools and understanding to make sure critical IT security gets done right. I can’t say enough positive comments about Bruce and his team’s process. I’d highly recommend others take advantage of his security assessment.

Susan Tant Health Services Credit Union

Bruce’s Expert Advice Made Our Implementation a Success

Bruce and his team jumped in three days before our EHR go live. They addressed a number of major issues for us. They worked closely with our EHR vendor and helped make the implementation a success at the very last minute. I would recommend them for your hospital. They are constantly going above and beyond for me and my team.

Chris Chandler Monroe Regional Hospital

Bruce’s Team Is A True Partner In IT Security

Bruce is a partner in every sense of the word – looking out for our best interests. In a recent example Bruce gave us a heads up when the building contractors in a remote clinic were off track for an opening. This alert allowed us to proactively change our opening date and get the buildout back on track. If you are looking for someone to support and secure your rural healthcare operations, I would highly recommend these folks.

Andrew Deane First Care Clinics

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Learn the 5 simple signs any CEO (and even CIOs or IT managers) can use to figure out if your organization is secure from hackers, crooks, and internet thieves.

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