Are you absolutely sure your network is secure?

Hackers are constantly trying to break into your computer system by tricking employees into letting them in.

Getting a third-party assessment with Galactic is critical to determine if your systems are actually secure. We use the exact same methods hackers are using today to check your security on an ongoing basis, regularly testing your security environment just like hackers are.

Why use a third party?

First, because cyber insurance requirements include third-party security evaluations, and second, because you can’t proofread your own work. When the person who set up the networks checks for security flaws and vulnerabilities, they’re not able to evaluate their own blind spots, and security issues get missed. Just because a network is configured properly, doesn’t mean it is secure.

When we perform a third-party assessment, we don’t just check your settings, we make sure that your tools and processes are actually working. You could have a perfectly good lock on a door, but if the hinges are missing, the effectiveness of the lock doesn’t matter. Our team goes through and pushes on all the doors before hackers have a chance to.

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