Making IT Security Understandable

Bruce McCully, Chief Security Officer

Galactic Advisors provides the only comprehensive solution that allows you to have the peace of mind that your computer, server and network configurations aren’t leaving you susceptible to hackers, scammers and thieves. We are 100% committed to making sure business owners have the most reliable and professional IT security service on the planet. Our team of talented IT security professionals make sure your network is secure and that you understand how and why it’s secure.

Here’s why so many business owners depend on Galactic Advisors for IT Security And Advice:

  • Find Out IF Your IT Provider Is Keeping You Secure
  • Avoid Common Mistakes That Leave You And Your Data Vulnerable to Ransomware
  • Know What To Ask About Cybersecurity
  • Be Able To Hold Your IT Team Accountable To A Job Well Done

Our custom service packages deliver what you need and want without overstepping the boundaries of your budget. From network vulnerabilities scanning to PCI and HIPAA compliance, Galactic Advisors is here to team up with you and your company for expert support.