Galactic is looking for developers who want to expand their knowledge and think outside of the box.

We’re looking for people excited to work and grow their security chops while writing exceptional code. If that’s you, we hope you apply to join our enthusiastic team!


Some things you’ll be doing:

  • Design, build, test and deploy a critical new feature end-to-end, with instant gratification and customer feedback
  • Set up a Kubernetes cluster and CI/CD plan to take a prototype from proof-of-concept to a secure, durable and production ready release.
  • Identify a gap in a process or task, and work with the team to fill it.
  • Work with a teammate on our scanner or portal-side development team to improve a feature or fix a defect.
  • Develop advanced telemetry to diagnose and debug problems in the field and improve our software


Skills you have:

  • Understanding of object-oriented, modular design
  • Vast experience writing testable, self-documenting code.
  • Self-directed and high agency
  • 8+ years’ experience with any modern programming language. (C#, Typescript, Python, Rust, Go, etc.)
  • Experience developing web applications and implementing RESTful APIs


Preferred Skills:

  • Strong written and verbal communications
  • Can explain technical concepts to non-technical and technical audiences alike.


Yep, this is a full-time gig with benefits.

  • Healthcare—Health, Dental, and Vision (we cover all premiums)
  • 401K (with employer match)
  • Flexible schedule and paid time off
  • Completely remote positions (we reconnect in person quarterly for a strategic offsite team-building meeting, which always includes some crazy adventure!)

Interested? Contact Bruce at for more information.

About Galactic:

Galactic Advisors is here to assist, advise and educate Managed Service Providers on how to best protect their clients from cyberattacks. We provide tools and assessments to help MSPs determine just how vulnerable they and their clients are to attack, and strategies to improve and build out their cyber stacks.

We’re a small, agile, fully-remote company, and we’re growing fast.


We’re looking for people who:

Take Extreme Ownership:
Our team owns their issues, successes and challenges. We have grit, and step up to the plate. We look for ways to say, yes – we can do that.


Do It Better:
We constantly look for ways to make life easier (and fun), often through process improvement, and automation.


Make It Fun:
If it isn’t fun, it isn’t worth doing. Even the hard stuff is fun to do if you have the right mindset and the right people around you. Doing it better and making it fun go hand in hand.


Do The Right Thing:
It’s much harder than sitting back or cutting corners—that is why it’s called the right thing, rather than the easy thing.