We are looking for an exceptional developer to help us write our application that will change the way businesses think about cybersecurity.

What do we need from you? Someone that knows their way around LINUX MySQL and PHP -- and here comes the "exceptional" part: enjoys automation, scripting, or has experience with network protocols like SNMP.

Even better? Some experience with Laravel. If you know your way around .net / PowerShell scripting, that would be great! Also, if you're aware of SOLID principles and design patterns and have an opinion on unit testing, we're definitely speaking the same language!


Design, code, compile, test, debug and document a new standalone application and web application. We are an agile shop, so be ready for a weekly sprint full of epic cards.
Our organization is faced with improving security through design, automation intelligence, and process. We focus on making security fun (yep, you read that right) by delivering software that engages and informs users of changes in risk posture.

Yep, this is a full-time gig with benefits.

Minimum Requirements:
At least 3 years of solid proven hands-on experience as a developer.
A desire to be part of something remarkable (and get paid for your time!)
Understanding of SQL Server databases, SQL queries, and stored procedures
Knowledge of MVC design
You’ve got to be a team player and be self-directed
Ummm, you have to be able to work in the U.S.

Interested? Contact Bruce at jobs@galacticadvisors.com for more information.

Here's some more information about Galactic:

Galactic is revolutionizing the way businesses think about cybersecurity. We have no room for drama or jerks. Our people:

Take Extreme Ownership – our team owns their issues, successes, and challenges. We have grit. We look for ways to say, yes – we can do that.

Do It Better – we constantly look for ways to make life easier (and fun), often through process improvement, and automation.

Make It Fun – if it isn’t fun it isn’t worth doing. Even the hard stuff is fun to do if you have the right mindset and the right people around you. Doing it better and making it fun go hand in hand.

Do The Right Thing – this shouldn’t need explanation, but our team does the right thing. It is much harder than sitting back or cutting corners—that is why it’s called the right thing, rather than the easy thing.

If this sounds like you, more about how we roll:

We are an agile environment with 4-day sprints. Why 4-day sprints? Because we aren’t into normal. We are into doing it better. It's better to work Monday through Thursday. We have coffee at 9 am on Friday mornings, you are welcome to join, but it isn’t required. The day is yours to run errands, volunteer, travel, be with your family, or do some crazy side project. See, I told you that it’s better.

Yes, that does mean we work our asses off Monday through Thursday...we just get more done in 4 days than most do in 5. And if you aren't capable of the discipline to do this, don't bother applying. You won't be successful in our group.

Galactic is revolutionizing the way businesses think about cybersecurity. You are probably asking yourself "what does 'revolutionize' mean?" Sounds like a buzz word doesn’t it. Let's define revolutionize: To make it 31 times better. We are making cybersecurity 31 times better for businesses.