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Is Your Network Secure Enough To Withstand a Ransomware Attack?

Most facilities have NO visibility on the open doors within their networks—areas where hackers are breaking in—and have no way of making sure their ransomware prevention and preparedness is sufficient to evade attacks on their facilities (attacks that are getting more targeted and more frequent).

WITHOUT actually getting attacked why isn’t there a way of seeing ALL of your risks (not just the ones that a penetration test might blindly see)?

GalacticHealth is the only proactive security available to help healthcare organizations assess their risks for cyberattacks and breaches. We give you a deeper analysis and state of your security risks than your annual HIPAA Risk Assessment (which only snapshots certain parts of your network). GalacticHealth gives you the visibility into whether security issues are actually getting addressed and is the only solution in health IT that emboldens your team to get security done right.

Eye opening results that expose what is actually happening on your network:

“Galactic Scan provided us with information exactly on areas that where we were vulnerable to ransomware. A much more thorough investigation than an annual HIPAA Risk Assessment. Without a tool like this, it would be near impossible to keep track of potential risks in our hospital network environment”.

Finding a way to address your risks without having to spend an arm and a leg on addition staff or high priced technology (addressing technology, process and people) and providing you a strategy to actionably address each problem in digestible pieces.

Why can’t your IT team just “handle it”?

As you know IT teams are often too busy to even fix the day-to-day issues. How can they make sure they’re also addressing critical network vulnerabilities? Sometimes they are the ones who created these vulnerabilities in the first place...

The bottom line: your IT department doesn’t have the time to continually focus on your cybersecurity risks. Why not give them some help?

What’s The Formula For a Successful Healthcare Cybersecurity Stance Look Like?

It Starts with Discipline: Checking Everything That’s Important BUT Often Slip Off Your Radar:

You’ll Know What’s Going On Within Your Facility’s Network—get real-time information on what vulnerabilities are lurking within your network. Whether rogue devices appear, computers are not patched, firewalls are not quite configured, or passwords are weak, you will have a prioritized list of issues and easy-to-follow steps to correct them. Wouldn’t you also like to know how each vulnerability has been used by hackers to either break in or exploit healthcare networks? (You’ll get this understanding, too!).

To break down what GalacticHealth.Scan actually does:

  • Daily Vulnerability Detection
  • Vulnerability Prioritization
  • Vulnerability Resolution Planning
  • Risk Evaluation
  • Risk Explanation

GalacticHealth.Watch : Security Done For You—Is your IT Director or compliance officer is too busy to chase security issues around? Why not get something that makes security more manageable? Something that is integrated within your IT support team? You get the expertise of CISSP-credentialed cybersecurity experts to direct and manage and track security changes within your environment to show HHS, other regulators and your board that you have a good handle on growing cybersecurity threats facing healthcare organizations.

Done For You means:

Everything in Our Scan Product Plus:

  • Ticket Submission and Follow Up
  • Cybersecurity Change Management System
  • Security Follow Ups
  • Reassessment Of Completed Issues
  • Clear Communication To You, Your Leadership And Board About Your Security Posture In Non-Technical Terms
  • Policy And Procedure Management (you can even use this for non-security policies to track changes)
  • Cybersecurity training that aligns to security policies and procedures.

GalacticHealth.Complete —wouldn’t your board feel more comfortable knowing that your annual strategy meets up with current security regulations and best practices? Is your IT team qualified to build out an entire a security program? Wouldn’t you sleep better at night knowing your security risks up front, how they’re being addressed AND knowing that your security stance completely integrates into your annual initiatives?

That’s where Complete Done For You Security Program comes in:

  • Vendor Evaluation (including EHR implementations)
  • Strategic planning and budgeting
  • Annual security strategy meeting with a virtual Chief Security Officer
  • Managed HIPAA risk assessment
  • Technology and Information Management advisory as needed.